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More Testimonials

“I absolutely love Huerter Orthodontics! Thanks to Dr. Jerry and staff, I was given what I yearned and prayed for. My teeth are beautiful and straight. Before I was told about Huerter Orthodontics by my cousin, I was an extremely sad person, not wanting to smile because my teeth were horrendously crooked, and an extra tooth in my gums. I regularly was  teased for having crooked teeth, and that made me not want to smile. During the process of having my braces, I started to grow more confident and I was able to smile again with a new confidence I never had before. Now that I no longer have my braces on, I am extremely happy and proud to show off my smile. Thank you, Dr. Jerry and staff. You have given me my smile back, and I was blessed to have you as my orthodontist and making my teeth and me very happy :) Me and my teeth thank you :D I tell everyone I know that need an orthodontist, that I highly recommend Huerter Orthodontics, for being the greatest and kindest people to have to work on your teeth.” ~ Kelsie T.

“I love going to Huerter’s! Everyone always has a big smile on their faces, they’re always really nice and you never have to wait very long to be seen. My smile is beautiful and I get lots of compliments about how pretty my teeth are.” ~ Marissa J.

“I think that everyone in the office is spectacular. They made me feel safe and comfortable during every appointment. The appointments always go smoothly and I have zero complaints. I would definitely recommend Dr. Huerter to my family and friends!” ~ Skylar R.

“Huerter Orthodontics are all so friendly and approachable! They have a great reward system (gift cards) set up for the kids encouraging responsibility for good hygiene and braces care!” ~ Alizabeth K.

“Sometimes there are some hard things that need to be done to fix a smile. I am glad that the kind and gentle staff at Huerter Ortho were the ones to help my son through his tough appointment. He left with a positive attitude and no apprehensions about coming back!”  ~ Samuel J.

"Huerter Orthodontics is the best. Every appointment is friendly and fast. And best of all, they gave me a great smile!!” ~Laretha P.

“The staff at Huerter Orthodontics are all very helpful and kind. With things such as the rewards system, the staff does a lot more for the patients than simply giving them braces.” ~ Patrick G.

“I really enjoy coming into the office. It has such a great atmosphere. Dr. Huerter always asks me questions about how I am doing and all the staff are very nice! I would refer anyone to this office!” ~ Ian A.

“Never have to wait.” ~ Garrett S.

“I think that Huerter Orthodontics is a great place. They made my teeth look so much better! i would recommend anyone to Dr. Huerter. All the people there are nice.” ~ Myiah W.

“I was petrified to get my braces put on, but the staff at Huerter Ortho made it quite enjoyable. Everyone is very professional, friendly, and most importantly fun! I love that this orthodontic center wants to be active in their patients’ treatment." ~ Heaven H.

“I absolutely love Huerter Orthodontics. They have the best workers and the friendly service that anyone could wish for. They are extremely professional but they also care about you and your needs. Anyone would be crazy not to go to Huerter Orthodontics." ~ Austyn

“I love how I can schedule other things during the day. This orthodontics gets me in and out in about 5 to 10 minutes every time. I am never waiting in the waiting room for more than 2 minutes. It’s a great place if you are running in a hurry or want a place where you won’t be doing much waiting.” ~ JoAnna V.

"The Huerter staff is among the nicest people I have ever met. Every time I go to the office there’s always positive energy in the air. And I love how everyone is always so happy.” ~ Jordan

“I really like Dr. Huerter! He is really nice and treats my teeth carefully! His staff is really nice too and makes your visit fun and not scary!” ~ Juliana

“Huerter Orthodontics is AWESOME! My teeth are so much straighter and prettier than they ever were. Everybody there is awesome and very helpful! I can’t wait to see my perfectly straight teeth!” ~ Drew C.

“I LOVE Huerter Orthodontics because they give really good service plus they always have a smile!!!!! =]” ~ Angelica M.

“I give Huerter Orthodontics five stars for doing good work on my teeth. Already my teeth are straighter and my bite is better. I like Dr. Huerter because the orthodontist does all the work on my teeth.” ~ Thomas L.

"I would always recommend Huerter Orthodontics. It is so nice to have people around that actually knows what they are doing. They never have long waiting time and I have never waited longer than 5 minutes. Very nice and clean place, which is great.” ~ Elizabeth M.

“Today I went to Huerter Orthodontics and their work is just as great as it was on my last appointment. I can see all the effort they’ve put into their business and I can see how it has helped. I want to thank them for giving me straight teeth and a bigger smile!" ~ Ayiana U.

“All of my friends go to Huerter Orthodontics and now I know why ... because everyone is always smiling and the team always remembers things about us so we feel special! Thanks for being so wonderful. Best orthodontist in town!” ~ Colleen F.

“Huerter Orthodontics is a wonderful place to go if you are thinking about getting braces. The staff as well as Dr. Huerter are very positive and welcoming. They will listen to any concerns you may have and work with you to get the results that you want. If you are looking for a place to go where the staff genuinely cares about their patients, Huerter Orthodontics is definitely the place to go.” ~ Carleigh


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