Patient Rewards Hub

We are excited to announce Huerter Orthodontics Patient Rewards Hub!

patient reward


Your participation and cooperation is one of the most important aspects in achieving an excellent orthodontic result. To recognize and reward your hard work, we have created the Huerter Orthodontics Patient Rewards Hub. The Program is easy and FUN! All you have to do is bring your card to your appointment, have a team member swipe it, and watch the points pile up!

Earn more points at each appointment for things like: having excellent oral hygiene, getting great grades, referring a friend, or seeing your dentist for a dental cleaning. Your points will grow as you continue through your orthodontic journey.

Enter your 16-digit membership number (username) on the back of your card and your 4-digit password, and enter into Huerter Orthodontics Patient Rewards Hub … you’re going to have fun!


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